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Volunteer Agreement

I agree to assist in The Salvation Army in a volunteer capacity.

I understand that as a volunteer I will not receive a wage or salary from The Salvation Army.

I understand that The Salvation Army is a Christian organisation and as a volunteer I am a representative and agree to uphold their principles and standards.

I agree to abide by the policies and procedures set by the event manager.

I agree to undertake the activities assigned to me, and to work in accordance with stated tasks and boundaries.

I agree to follow directions and work in a safe manner. If I am injured through an incident in the course of my duties as a volunteer I will immediately report the matter to the event manager.

I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and understand and accept the Terms of this Code.

I understand that all information I become aware of as a volunteer is in strictest confidence and must not be discussed with or divulged to any unauthorised person or organisation.


Code of Conduct and Boundaries

Code of conduct

Volunteers are expected to:

- Conduct themselves in a way that is honest and moral, and that will not bring the Salvation Army into disrepute, or harm the clients or the effectiveness of the service.

- Carry out their duties with the utmost integrity and care expected of those who are engaged in Salvation Army service.

- Strive to uphold the aims and objectives of the Salvation Army in caring for the needy and the vulnerable.

- Not place themselves or their fellow workers in any compromising situation which may be construed as constituting sexual misconduct, physical or verbal abuse, discrimination, breach of confidentiality, dishonesty, assault or breach of the professional relationship between worker and client.

- Maintain strictly professional relationships with clients, residents, volunteers and staff.

- Know and work within the limitations of their own skill level and within the following boundaries.


Volunteers should:

- Not give out their own or fellow worker’s surname or personal home phone numbers.

- Not take clients to their own homes; all work carried out must be done from Salvation Army premises.

- Not take on the responsibilities of the Police or give legal advice.

- Not take on the responsibilities of a health professional. If a client’s health is in question, refer to centre staff who will call a doctor or ambulance.

- Not use physical force or manhandle a client.

- Not be responsible to remove drugs, alcohol or implements from a client.

- Not promise assistance from other agencies or departments.

- Adhere to Community Service Centre (CSC) or Community Welfare Centre (CWC) guidelines if working in a CSC or CWC.


The Salvation Army Policies

Please be aware of the following Salvation Army’s policies.


If any problems arise, please contact your supervisor or the manager of the centre so that any concerns can be dealt with speedily.

Ethical Behaviour

The Salvation Army requires that staff and volunteers behave in an ethical and professional manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, avoiding situations which may be construed as constituting sexual misconduct, bullying or harassment. We require all volunteers to act in a manner that is in line with our mission and values as a Christian organisation.

Bullying and Harassment

The Salvation Army has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and harassment. Should any volunteer be found to be conducting themselves in this way, whether with a fellow volunteer, client, resident or employee of the Salvation Army, they will be requested to leave and further action may be taken.

Occupational Health & Safety

All volunteers are expected to follow direction and work within the framework of the task agreed to. If acting outside those guidelines is seen as negligent, then they will be personally responsible for any incident that might occur.

Privacy Policy

The Salvation Army believes that privacy is an important individual right and is important to its clients. It is committed to ensuring that all personal information provided is handled properly and with all due care. The Salvation Army complies with the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988.